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about peggpegg electronics are a team of people who are passionate about providing innovative and creative electronic gadgets. These devices and tools can improve your game play experiences and can be used on any touchscreen device that has a clicker game downloaded to it.
Pegg is not just about mobile gaming and more uses are being discovered all the time. Other uses include film, photography and even Amazon Flex.

As our products develop so does it’s uses.
The little pegg (ox1) was our first offering, it can be used for all sorts of touch screen based activity.
Our pegg rapide shortly followed the ox1 and offered even more taps per second.
Now we are proud to have the Turbo 7 in our product range. Our fastest and most flexible pegg to date. Offering differing speeds depending on the game or scenario that it is being used for.
Most of our customers are using our devices for gaming app use. Frustrated with being logged out through inactivity when playing some of their favourite games.
Our pegg devices are perfect for any gamer wanting to progress through their game.
Are you fed up with:-
having to touch the screen every few minutes while waiting for troops to train
or on a long stint when close to enough resources for an upgrade
and not wishing to lose several hours worth of progress through attack for the sake of an extra hour or so online
If so take a look at our products today, you will not be disappointed. Contact us on +44(0)20 3934 8570 or complete our form and our experts will be in touch.