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careers at Pegg ElectronicsVlogging opportunity at pegg electronics

We are currently looking for a mobile gaming enthusiast with an interest in gadgets and mobile devices plus experience with vlogging.

There is a fantastic opportunity for the right candidate to help produce a series of YouTube videos for our pegg device with a mobile gaming app such as Clash of Clans, Tap Titans or Call of Duty Heros and many more.

The successful candidate will be required to start the game from the beginning and creating a series of videos of the progress made. These videos will be shared via YouTube, social media and our blog.

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Who are pegg?

pegg electronics are team who are passionate about providing innovative and creative electronic gadgets. These devices and tools will assist you in your gaming, photography, and film.

What is pegg?

pegg is available in two versions ‘pegg’ and ‘pegg rapide’. ‘pegg’ – an electronic gadget that will clip onto any touch screen device and simulate a finger touch every 10 seconds.

‘pegg rapide’ will go on and on tapping at a rate of up to 20 times per second.