Pegg Electronics Company Statement

by Andrew Stevens (Founder and Managing Director).

Thank you for finding this page, this is us taking an opportunity to provide you with a background, and context to our organisation, our product, our values, and our goals.

It’s a long read! So let me begin with the important bits, just in case you get bored!

Important stuff: since the beginning, we have guaranteed full refunds to all of our customers, without any quibble, should they wish to return any of our products, for whatever reason. We have always ensured that this has happened promptly, and politely. We wish only happiness and contentment.

We are based in the U.K. and also have a member of staff in the USA.

We have been around since 2014 (although only registered a limited company in 2018), I bought myself my first iPad, downloaded (the now legendary) ‘Clash Of Clans’, and became hooked on that, along with several Mobile Gaming Titles.

Those who share my passion will understand that there are numerous aspects of the experience that can become frustrating, it is often the case that the most mundane of tasks bring the greatest rewards, for example: when I set out with Clash Of Clans, it was simply touching the screen of my iPad every now and then to prevent auto log out (and therefore exposure to being raided/robbed).

Oh, and naturally, some of you guys who share our passion for mobile gaming will also be aware that it is possible to download clicker software and set set up stuff like that. God knows I have tried! That is great for some, not for us though sadly. We want something easy and simple. As it happens, our little Pegg has turned out to be plenty of fun, with a cute little character too. A useful and convenient little mobile phone accessory in its own right, with 2 days of stand alone power.

So that (as they say) was that: Pegg Electronics was set up with the goal of producing a gadget that took care of this task. We released our first (single speed) robot way back in 2015, and this has evolved into our latest offering, namely the Turbo 7 (or T7). We are most graciously flattered, (but at the same time ecstatic), to say that we have customers and fans in 48 countries all across the globe. We love them all (obviously!) and remain in touch regularly with thousands of them. All are welcome!

We listen to them always, as this helps us to continue to improve both our products, and our service.

We really do faithfully believe that we have some significant ideas, innovative, novel, and completely original gadgets which really do add something to the whole experience of our mobile phones and devices.

We are fidgety and excited about our next 3 products. Just like our T7, and in true Pegg Electronics fashion and design – they are like no other mobile phone accessories that you will have ever seen before – truly exciting next level products that are planned/concepts for release 4Q 2021.

We will continue to build products and equipment of the highest quality, with no expense spared on electronic components, always the best available, that provide sustained long term reliability.

Images of our concept new designs for 2021, and 2022 will appear here on our website once the IP and legal stuff has been sorted.

All of our Products are now UK produced. As of May 2020, all design and manufacturing has been entirely UK based. We have tried China, but with respect, we just could not find the level of quality and engineering (although we know and accept that it exists there somewhere!).

Our new PCB manufacturer in the South of England also serve Nuclear, Aerospace, and Defence systems organisations, with Q&A, process and procedure, welfare and health and safety – fully certified.

Finally, we are planning on having a stand at USA CES 2021, so perhaps you could come and see us there!

Please enjoy our website and or products!