Will pegg work with my mobile phone?2017-02-05T20:43:33+01:00

Yes, pegg has been designed to work with all tablets, mini-tablets, and mobile phones.

Does it come with Batteries?2017-02-05T20:42:47+01:00

Yes, pegg has an in built rechargeable battery.

How can I recharge the in built battery?2017-02-05T20:39:07+01:00

pegg comes with a micro usb lead which plugs in to the back.

How long before I need to recharge pegg?2017-02-05T20:38:14+01:00

When fully charged pegg will operate for up to 48 hours.

How will I know when the battery is low?2017-02-05T20:36:22+01:00

pegg has a red LED light which will turn on when the battery is low and requires charging.

How will I know when the pegg has finished recharging?2017-02-05T20:35:08+01:00

When pegg has completed its recharging the red LED light will turn off.

Apart from Gaming Apps, what can I use my pegg for?2017-02-05T20:34:26+01:00

Many of our customers use pegg for taking photo’s on tablet or mobile phone. They place the pegg over the ‘take shot’ button.