Back in 2012 a Clan fan set out to solve a troubling problem…

How do I keep playing and progressing through the immense new gaming app ‘Clash of Clans‘, keeping myself sneakily logged in during the day while I’m supposed to be working?

A complex question indeed as let’s face it, the boss will take a dim view on the life and death dealings of Clash of Clans when spreadsheets are his order of the day!

Further to untold and frankly frustrating losses of gold I’d been saving for a town hall upgrade (for weeks), a caffeine inspired idea (the tea bag story can keep for another day) appeared on the horizon.

“What we need is an electronic tapping device that will take care of business for us while we are going about our business”

A trip to the bat cave (development lab doesn’t sound as exciting does it?!) ensued and after many thoughts, designs, prototypes and trials. The little pegg (ox1) was born.

An innovative product that’s genius is in its simplicity. A device that Peggs over your tablet or smartphone and emits electronically generated taps onto the screen, to maximise game interaction when you are otherwise engaged.

That is technical speak for ‘the most important freakin’ gadget you will ever purchase’ to improve your Clan playing experience (or many other gaming app experiences for that matter!).

Soon after the birth of ox1, the team of one became a team of five, and this is where we are today.

From humble beginnings, a bright, humble, and forward thinking company has been created. Our journey from small clips to proper Peggs is well underway, we aim to produce the most novel, most original, and most beautifully designed electronic gadgetry known to mankind!

If you would like to see Pegg in action, check out our website, You Tube channel or any other form of social media that you fancy. Take 5 minutes out of your Clan day to browse our product and maybe make an investment in your plans for Clan domination.

If you like what you see or even if you would like to hear the tea bag story please get in touch. We love talking Peggs and Clan!