How do Touch Screens Work?

Ever wondered how do touch screens work on iPad’s, iPhone’s or on any Android device?

We did by using our own tea bags and touchscreens.

Well, we did in 2012!

Instead of referring to those two well-known oracles (Google and Wikipedia), We decided to start experimenting!

With our addiction to Clash of Clans reaching new levels so did the frustration of being logged out and losing our hard-earned booty just because we hadn’t touched the screen for a minute!

We thought to ourselves, does the screen recognise pressure or is it something else?

So out came the inanimate objects (pen lids).

To our surprise, this did not work.

Time for another theory and a cheeky look at Wiki!

No No No we must not use the web for the answer just yet we are clever people the experiments must continue!

Next thought, does the screen recognise heat?

A finger has a heat source so maybe that’s it.

So how to replicate a heat source?

Let’s make a brew and have a think we said.

Well, who would have thought the answer would be in the humble cup of tea!!

To our amazement, the screen recognised the heat from a teabag.

The next question?

Will it respond differently to different brands of teabag?!

Well, that piece of research can wait for another day.


What are we going to do with the Answer to How do Touch Screens Work?

We are onto something here that needs to be developed into a useful gadget for all Clash of Clans players across the world.

Through a couple of days of experiments, we learnt that a touch screen was changing the capacitance of the screen through the conductive change is presented through a combination of its moisture and mass (had to Google that!)

While all this was going on I lost all my booty through inactivity!

Oh well, it was a lesson learnt and from there it was back to playing Clash of Clans and the next stage of developing the Pegg.