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We are building 50 of these, they are due to ship in May 2021. Orders being taken ‘pre-launch’ on a strictly first come first served basis. Further 50 will be due in August 2021.

OB5-E Spinning Smart Speaker Concept

An entirely fresh take on Smart Speaker, Mobile Phone Charger, Filming, Photography, and Entertainment tech – all in one wonderful little bundle featuring our unique, exclusive and revolutionary ‘Speaker Spin Technology’ – A World First*. Thought of, designed, developed, and produced exclusively in the U.K (Carbon Footprint Considerate).

  1. A Smart Speaker Unit that has a spinning (top) full range speaker set with adjustable spin speed.
  2. Mobile Phone Charging.
  3. Stand Alone Power.
  4. Party On – Light Show Party Mode Setting (have fun filming video for social media, playing your favourite tunes, and keep your mobile phone charging, and turning, all at the same time!).

Launch: Pre-Orders start February 2021

*All IP and Patents Pending since 2020.


OB5-E: Your Questions Answered

No. OB5-e has been created as an idea to enhance upon and explore further, our use of our mobile phones/media devices – so you basically use your camera that’s in your mobile.

Yes, once docked – your mobility device will continuously charging, regardless of the spin speed that you select.

Our Top End Luxury model, OB5-e (Hand turned Italian Marble), will host approximately a 30 watt top quality full range speaker (stationary, downward facing, *chamber suspension tech). It will also host 2 x oppositely opposed *speaker spin set, these will be full range rated at between 5 and 15 Watts.

No. OB5-e has been conceived as a most versatile, interactive, multifaceted mobile phone docker. It hosts built in rechargeable battery sets that will keep it going (fully loaded) for approximately 120 minutes, before needing to be ‘plugged back in’.

Sure. We wanted it to look like a work of art, even if it’s just sitting on the side doing nothing we can’t stop staring!

Our high end Marble OB5-e will be expensive. A genuine luxury item. We are, though, producing precisely the same offering, but using some incredibly inventive mixes of concrete (think Jupiter). These will retail at around 300 USD. And for those who just want our unique and exclusive *speaker spin tech experience – we have 100 USD offering ready Spring/Summer 2021.