The Updated Pegg Turbo 7 – Phone Auto Clicker

What was the Pegg Turbo 7 Update?

The quality control team at Pegg towers have been working overtime recently.

Along with the customer service team, they have been busy listening to our existing and future customers and have reworked the Turbo 7 phone auto clicker.

The device now has all-new plastics and charging ports and still has the 7-speed settings.


What is the Pegg Turbo 7? A phone Auto Clicker for tapping Games

So now the Pegg Turbo 7 is a beautifully designed phone clicker gadget that simulates a human finger touching the screen of a mobile phone or tablet.

Thanks to its beautiful design the Pegg Turbo 7 avoids looking gimmicky and instead looks like a welcomed attachment to your phone.

The concept of the Pegg Turbo 7 was conceived from playing clash of clans and discovering the universal issue of trying to play whilst at work.

The PEGG allows mobile gamers to progress on tapping games whilst they take care of the boring stuff, like work or school.

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For those who have used our product and for those who are new to the Pegg Turbo 7 auto clicker, we thought we would give you all an insight as to its potential.


Pegg Turbo 7 on iPhone X Auto Clicker

How can you use an Auto Clicker?

The Turbo 7 auto clicker has evolved from our original Pegg Classic and Pegg Rapide to provide a device that clips onto iPhone, Samsung, in fact, any type of mobile device or tablet.

The device works by changing the capacitance of the screen to simulate a finger touch.

The biggest benefit is its variable speed and its ability to out tap even the fastest human finger in the world!

Our little device has proved popular with gamers and self-employed people all over the world. Particularly as it is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Our device was invented primarily for mobile gamers playing Clash of Clans, Tap Titans, mobile cookie clicker and Bitcoin Billionaire. Since then the list of games that gamers are using our device for has increased and now includes Kingdom Age and Crab War.

Simply attach the PEGG Turbo 7 on your mobile or tablet and watch yourself progress through levels whilst you do whatever it is that is keeping you away from playing the game yourself.

Click here to watch the PEGG Turbo 7 in action…


Pegg is Global!

Our device has true global appeal and we are now up to a dispatch list of 50 countries. We love to hear from our customers from all over the world and get excited when we can add a new country to our list.

Happy with the quality of the reworked Turbo 7 and now offer a 12-month return policy and a 14-day refund policy from date of purchase.

We really do value your feedback so if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please get in touch at

We hope you our customers like the feel and durability of the new plastics and enjoy many happy hours using the Pegg Turbo 7 auto clicker to enhance your gaming or work life.

Make sure you follow us on social media as we are very close to another exciting announcement which will take Pegg and our customers to the next level.

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