What is the Pegg Turbo 7 Phone Screen Clicker?

Click here to see the Pegg Turbo 7 Phone Screen Clicker in action…

Since our design research began in 2013, we have been completely obsessed with producing beautiful electronic gadgetry of unrivalled quality.

We set out to produce gadgetry that would help us to achieve unprecedented progress in our mobile gaming.

In 2015, after two years of research, design, prototyping, and testing, we launched our Classic Pegg, Our genius gadget that advanced our gameplaying and made us some of the best Clan players ever seen!!

Our product has gone on to help like-minded fans of mobile gaming with constant farming opportunity, and an ‘as and when required’ shield – providing anti-raid and logged-in status with slow automated electronic finger tapping.

Before long, you, our customers were asking for a faster tapping speed.

You were playing gaming apps that required sustained super fast tapping: Tap Titans; Tap Titans 2; Cookie Clicker; Pokémon Go; Tap To Riches.

We listened, we heard you, we gave you the Pegg Rapide. An incredible gadget that allowed us to farm resources for upgrades at a monstrous rate.

After the success of Rapide, we decided to carry on developing!

We are now super proud to present to you the Pegg Turbo 7.


Pegg Turbo 7 features

A seven-speed version of our beautiful little gadget.

With customisable tap speeds settings, it taps at its slowest setting like our original Pegg Classic.

It also has a super turbo top speed that is too fast to measure, and five speeds in between.

Hence the really original name for our latest evolution of the Pegg!

Now as excited as we are about this product, we know some of you are still wondering what a Pegg is and what it does.

We could write loads and loads on here but that will be a little dull!

Why not take a voyage of discovery by clicking through to our website.

Here you will find everything you need to know along with links to our youtube videos of Pegg in action.

The Turbo 7 is now in stock and available for shipping worldwide.

Got any comments or feedback? Please let us have it as we really want to improve our products for you.