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How did it all start?

Our passion and obsession with mobile gaming apps led us to setting up pegg electronics – in order to provide beautifully designed, and novel gaming gadgetry to all fans of mobile gaming apps.

What is Pegg used for?

Pegg is being used by people in 23 countries around the world for:

  1. Gaming assistance on apps such as Tap Titans, Tap Titans 2, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Call of Duty Heroes, Samurai Siege, Cookie Clicker, Billionaire, Taps to Riches, and many many more.
  2. Assistance with obtaining work contracts through Amazon Prime, and other work related apps.
  3. Assistance with mundane screen refresh function associated with the purchase of clothing, tickets for festivals, tickets for shows, and exclusive sales ‘drops’.
  4. Photography- Selfies, or remote camera operation (by placing Pegg over the ‘shot’ button of your mobile phone or tablet).

Our first little tapper

Our first release is our self – named auto clicker/auto tapper ‘pegg’ – an electronic gadget that will clip onto any touch screen device and simulate a finger touch every 10 seconds.

So if you are playing on line gaming apps such as Clash of Clans, or Boom Beech, pegg is a very helpful little gadget to have around. It will automatically keep you logged in by tapping the screen. You may be very close to that weapons upgrade that you’ve been saving days for, and have no guard or shield available.

Or perhaps you like to farm for a few hours without being tied to your device, or maybe you want to go on another attacking rampage you can use pegg as a shield (keeping you logged in) while you wait for your troops to train.

More tapping with our second tapper

Our second release is our pegg rapide. We have become hooked on further gaming apps such as Billionaire, and Tap Titans, and Tap to Riches pegg rapide will go on and on tapping at a rate of up to 20 times per second.

This allows unrivalled progress, and offers an enormous amount of help and assistance. It taps faster than those tired cramped up fingers, and allows you time to concentrate more on strategy and level ups.

We did a trial on Tap Titans, (left our peg rapide tapping away overnight), we had untold riches/progress level 1 to level 289 took just 8 days (of leisurely play on our commute). Most heros currently upgraded to level 1100, with Sword master at Level 1302! Incredible!

pegg side view

Customisable tapping with our latest tapper

Pegg Turbo 7 – is our third and most exciting model to date. Developed to meet the demand of our customers who have longed for a model that allowed you to change the tapping speed.

It has 7 pre-set speeds that can be selected by scrolling through speeds 1 – 7 by pressing the front of the pegg.

Our Turbo 7 model comes with 7 speeds to choose from, with 1 the slowest (like the tapping speed of our Classic model), through incremental increases, 2, 3, 4, to speed 5 (like the really fast tapping speed of our Rapide model), and beyond onto our fastest ever tapping speeds of 6, and 7.