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Our new ‘Black Edition’ with all the same features of the popular Turbo 7 but in black!

Pegg Turbo 7 ‘Black Edition’ – is our latest model to date. Conceived through customer requests for a black version.

It has 7 pre-set speeds that can be selected by scrolling through speeds 1 – 7 by pressing the front of the pegg.

Our Turbo 7 model comes with 7 speeds to choose from, with 1 the slowest (like the tapping speed of our Classic model), through incremental increases, 2, 3, 4, to speed 5 (like the really fast tapping speed of our Rapide model), and beyond onto our fastest ever tapping speeds of 6, and 7.

1 in stock

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For those who have not come across our products before, we offer a very simple explanation.

A Pegg is an electronic gadget that simulates a human finger touching the screen of a mobile phone or tablet.

We started out with the Pegg classic and then quickly moved onto the Rapide. After the success of Rapide we decided to carry on developing! We now proudly present to you the Pegg Turbo 7!

A seven speed version of our ground-breaking Pegg design! With customisable tapping speed settings, it taps at its slowest setting like our original Pegg Classic. It also has a Super Turbo top speed that is almost too fast to measure, and five speeds in between. Hence the name Turbo 7 for our latest evolution of the Pegg!

Our product has gone on to help likeminded fans of mobile gaming with: constant farming opportunity; an ‘as and when required’ shield providing anti-raid and logged in status with slow automated electronic finger tapping.

You, our customers were asking for a faster and selective tapping speed. You were playing gaming apps that required sustained super fast tapping: Tap Titans; Tap Titans 2; Cookie Clicker; Pokémon Go; Tap To Riches; Billionaire and also for various business apps.

As we develop our product, its uses are becoming more varied. We would love to hear from you our customer as to how you use your Pegg.

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Whats in the box

  • Pegg Turbo 7 ‘Black Edition’
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Start User Guide
  • 2 year warranty!


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